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Tired of losing your tab on the desktop?
Here are some keyboard shortcuts to help you. When using a Mac, replace Ctrl with Command. 
Command Symbol
Close tab with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W  ctrl+shift+t will reopen recent tab  google chrome right click on tab, select pin-tab to lock

16 Simple Tech Solutions!

!16 simple tech solutions


The Google Meet Grid View extension has been updated.  I have attached a link to a video that will help remove and add the new extension.  

Grid View only works on laptops/computers that use Google Chrome.

Have a great weekend.

Google Screenshot GSFE Admins

Here are some quick tips that may help you during Remote Learning.  Have a great weekend!

Find keywords in long pages

You’re staring at a multi-page document or a website that feels like it goes on forever. You know what you’re looking for, but you don’t want to waste time scrolling and scanning. Give yourself a break and summon up a word finder tool by hitting Control + F with Windows or Command + F on Mac. This works with programs like Chrome and Word and gives you a handy search box, usually in the upper right-hand corner of the window. Now you just plug in the word or phrase you’re looking for and can go directly to it within the page.

Embrace your smartphone space bar

Keep the flow of your typing running smoothly by tapping the space bar on your smartphone keyboard twice to end a sentence. You get a period, a space, and the next letter you type will be capitalized. This can work for everything from text messaging to writing emails on both iPhone and Android devices.

Control your tabs in Chrome

Windows users are familiar with the concept of the task manager, a program that shows everything running on your computer. The Mac version is called the activity monitor. Google’s Chrome browser has a task manager of its very own and it’s a good way to keep a handle on your tabs.

If you have 30 tabs open, it can be hard to remember what’s where. Access the task manager through the settings (it’s under “more tools”) or use the shift + esc keyboard shortcut on a Windows machine. The task manager lists all your open tabs. Double-click on a tab’s description to make it pop up in view in the browser. There is also an “end process” option that lets you close tabs you no longer need or shut down a misbehaving tab.

Google your equations

You need to add up some numbers fast. What do you do? You could dig around in your desk drawer for a calculator. You could fish around on your computer for a calculator app. Or you could just use that Google search box you already have open in your browser. Google’s search box doubles as a quick and easy calculator. It’s pretty flexible about how you phrase your equations. For example, typing “12 x 2” or “12 times 2” will get you the same result. Google helpfully opens up a full in-browser calculator above the usual search results so you can keep going in your calculations.

Google’s built-in calculator can also handle some fancier equations. Try asking it for square roots or string together a series like “12 + 18 + 36 – 9.” If you get into more elaborate queries, remember to use parentheses so it knows what you’re asking. Searching for  “12 + 5 – (2 x 2)” will get the answer you’re looking for: “13.”


After writing, or typing, we should be stopping to reread and edit our work.  Did you know if a word is underlined in red, you can right click on the word for spelling suggestions?
Here is writing checklist to use before submitting work!

Author's editing checklist
*Remember to start sentences with capital letters by using the "shift" key.

*Remember to end all sentences with punctuation.

*Space once after a comma and period, never before.
How to View People in Google Meet
Google Meet automatically switches the layout in a video
meeting to display the most active content and participants.
If you join a meeting on a computer, you can switch
to a different layout if you want.

Change Your View
Turquoise line

Auto—Allows Meet to choose the layout for you.

Tiled—Shows up to 16 people when there is no presentation.

Move your mouse to see participant names.
If someone joins after the meeting starts, their image is at the bottom of the screen.
Presentations appear in a large tile, with the most active participants to the side.

Spotlight—The presentation, active speaker, or pinned feed fills the window. 

Sidebar—You see the active speaker or presentation with additional participants on the side.

Change the layout
Blue line

Join a video meeting on a computer.

In the lower-right corner of the Meet screen, click More Three dotsand thenChange layout.

Three dots in bottom right of screen

In the Change layout box, select the layout that you want to use on your computer.

Tip: Click a participant's image to pin them to the screen.

We have all deleted something without trying or

changed the format.....and then thought "Now what?"
Good news stars

There is an easy shortcut!

On a PC:
Undo your mistakes with Ctrl+Z
On a Mac:
On a Mac use Command+z

When using Google apps, this will work but you can also use the undo arrow.

Undo/redo command bottom left

Hope this helps!

As a rule, I set the screen on my phone, iPad, and laptop to turn off rather quickly to extend my battery life.

Bitmoji looking down
However not continually touching the screen.

Check the settings on your devices and extend the time. On an iPad or phone, go to settings, display, and then change auto-lock time. You can increase the time or change it to "never."
Settings icon
Click for directions to change settings on iPad.

On a computer, you need to make the changes in settings. You should look for your power options. Each computer is different, so you may have to Google the directions for your device.
Bitmoji uh-huh, yup!
Looking to use this time to practice some fundamental skills.  
There are some great websites that have games that
 practice essential skills such as telling time, counting, identifying 
shapes, addition and subtraction facts, multiplication and division 
facts, fractions, and so much more. These sites do not

require a log in.

Arcademics screenshot
Are you looking for a way to see exactly what 
you need to do?  Are you like me and need a
 to-do list?  I have a great tip to help you stay 

organized and not miss an assignment. 
Google has a to-do list for students and teachers. 
Check out the tutorial below to learn more.

To Do on Google Classroom

Wondering how to use Google Docs? 
Attached are three videos to help you get started with Google Docs.

Google Docs for Kids - What Is It? Google Docs for Kids - formatting  Google Docs for Kids - inserting images
Now that students have been asked to type more, you may 
be wondering what is the appropriate speed.  In grades Prek-2, the
 students should focus on locating keys on keyboard and not worry 
about finger placement or speed. In grades 3-8,  they can practice 
finger placement and work on improving their speed, stamina, and 
accuracy.  There are some great websites and apps  to practice.  
typetastic, and Dance Mat Typing have fun activities and lessons.

Below is a chart with keyboarding expectations.

Keyboarding expectations
What does stamina look like?

Pearson, Classroom, Tynker, and other apps 
will ask you to log in with your Google Account. 
 When doing this, you do not enter the info
 into the username and password. Instead you 
click on to the log in with Google tab and then 
enter the information.  Sometimes Google will 
be in a red or blue tab.
Sign In With Google

Login with Facebook
Tonight's video will show you how to allow the
microphone and camera for different apps
on an iPad.  It will also show you how to
search for the Settings,
as well as, any app on the iPad.

Settings on iPad

Have a great weekend!
Tonights's tip is for parents!  
Louie has some great advice for you tonight.  

Click on Louie to watch a short video!

Sesame street character
Take care of you!


Attached is a link to a step-by-step guide for attaching images to a student's work.  It is a PDF, not a video, that goes through the steps for computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.  Click on the link or picture below for more info.

How to upload a document to Google Classroom

Just like you can feel burned out at times, batteries can too.  You shouldn't keep your iPad, laptops, phones, and other mobile devices plugged in overnight.  Once they are fully charged, you should unplug the chargers/devices. This will help the batteries last longer and hold a charge.  It will also lessen the chance of the plugs getting too hot!

Overcharging on iPhone





Did you know that Google Classroom shows all your due dates on the home page?

Due dates on Google Classroom

Things that are due also show up on the individual class pages on the left hand side under the label UPCOMING.

Google Classroom items due

 A parent suggested a tip today that has helped her manage her kids work.  She downloaded Classroom on her phone and signed in as both of her kids. She is able to toggle between both kids and see exactly what they need to do and when it is due!

Google Classroom graphic
Have a great weekend and take some time for yourself!

Teachers are asking students to post pictures and videos as part of different assignments. Students want to share their creations and work with teachers. You do not need to send the pictures and videos through emails or ParentSquare.  You can attach the file to the assignment in Google Classroom.  I am attaching a link to a How-To video to help.

Click on the image for the video.

Submitting An Assignment

You can split the screen on on the iPad so that you can be working with two Apps at once, for example Google Meet and Kahoot, Slides and Safari, Pearson and Google.

I have attached the directions and a link to a video to help.

How do I get a split screen on my iPad?
Use two apps at the same time with Split View
  1. Open an app.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
  3. On the Dock, touch and hold the second app that you want to open, then drag it off the dock to the left or right edge of the screen.
How-To-Video Link

Kahoot video

Although the links are posted in Google, students are completing the work on 3rd party sites such as Pearson, NEWELA, PBSLearningMedia, ReadWorks,, and many more.  The work is saved there and the teachers will see it.  However, you should go back to Google Classroom and mark the work/assignment TURN IN, DONE or SUBMITTED so that the teacher knows to look for it. There will not be an attachment in Google since all the work is completed on the other sites.

Pearson Realize Newsela icon

A tip for parents tonight:

If your child struggles with a subject, give them 15 minutes to play or exercise before you focus on that subject.  It will refresh them, burn off energy, and allow them to focus.  Try doing one of the Brain Power Activities from the Morning Announcements. Remember the work flow schedule is just a suggestion.

Time For A Break


Attached is a link to a video that will demonstrate how to write on a PDF a teacher shares in Google Classroom. This only works on an iPad.


If on a computer, you need to use an add on.  Google suggests using Kami or Lumin PDF.

KAMI VIDEO • Lumin Video

Zoom directions for students
Google drive icons

Google Drive automatically saves everything.  

*If a teacher has assigned the work in Classroom, the documents will be named and saved automatically in the Classroom Folder.

*If a student creates a doc, slideshow, form, etc, it will save but it will be called "Untitled".  You should always name your work so that you will be able to find it.  Try using the date and subject or the name of the topic. 

*Click in the box where is says untitled and enter a name.
Already have untitled ones, right click on the file in your Drive and rename it.
Untitled Document



There have been some issues with submitting pictures.

You can turn a picture into a PDF on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Open the "Notes" App.
Notes app icon
2. Open a new note.
3. Press the camera button.
4. Choose the option to scan a document.
6. Save the scan.
5. Once the document is scanned you can use the share button to share it to drive. From their you can attach it or email it using less bandwidth.

On an android device, you can try an app like CamScanner.